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Message from NASDAE’s Executive Director

Dear NASDAE members and friends,

Despite the challenges posed over the past several months, the adult education community has remained strong and resilient.  Our administrators and instructors have created new ways of reaching and engaging the ever-growing number of adults who need services, and these methods have become embedded in the permanent infrastructure of our delivery systems.

It is essential to the success of our students that we place our focus on digital literacy and access to technology and bandwidth.  NASDAE is committed to assisting our members with finding and implementing the needed resources to bring these tools to the adult learners.

The NASDAE 2020-21 Board of Directors has adopted the following value statement to guide our work for the year:

NASDAE will support state directors in the promotion of equity, access, and justice for Adult Education students and staff at the local and state levels.

We look forward to continuing to work with our members, the broader adult education community, and our valued partners as we navigate the “new normal.”

Patricia Tyler

Executive Director