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Message from NASDAE’s Executive Director

Dear NASDAE members and friends,

State Directors of Adult Education know that our programs serve a critical role in the education system of the United States.  Adult Education is uniquely the place where our students recover their lost hopes for earning a high school credential, entering post-secondary education and job-training programs, learning the English language, and becoming eligible for a wider choice of employment opportunities.

We believe that our services are an investment in equity—a chance for students and the system itself to mitigate the opportunity gap that has resulted from centuries of unequal availability of high-quality educational programs.

The NASDAE 2020-21 Board of Directors has drafted the following document, Adult Education: Equity Policy Considerations. 

Adult Education Equity Policy Considerations

We look forward to continuing to work with our members, the broader adult education community, and our valued partners as we strive to examine our policies and commit to updating our practices to ensure equitable access for all students and personnel.

Patricia Tyler

Executive Director