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Investing in adult education is an economic catalyst

Authored by Reecie D. Stagnolia, Chair, NASDAE Board of Directors and Vice President for Adult Education, Council on Postsecondary Education.

Many solutions to the United States’ workforce, economic and societal issues lie within one of our nation’s greatest untapped resources – adult education.

How do we address America’s skill gap?  Whether you are an educator, economic or workforce developer or employer, all conversational roads lead to this common, challenging destination. While there are no quick or easy solutions, it is incumbent upon those of us who work in these arenas to accelerate our progress…

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NASDAE is the re-named organization that has supported State Directors of Adult Education and their staff for almost three decades under the name of the National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium (NAEPEDC), since its incorporation in 1990.  While newly named to reflect the full body of our organizational work, the mission remains the same: to advance the leadership of state staff in adult education throughout the states and territories so that every program will be of quality and excellence as we together increase literacy and prepare adults for success as contributing members of our society through work, community and family; and, will be the leading voice in adult education for the nation.