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National Training Institutes

2022 NTI: October 19 – 22, 2022
Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia with Virtual Delivery Option
Agenda                                        Session Materials

2021 NTI: October 29 – November 04, 2021
Virtual Delivery
Agenda                                        Session Materials

2020 NTI: October 19 – 29, 2020
Virtual Delivery
Agenda                                        Session Materials

2019 NTI: October 21 – 24, 2019
Edgewater Hotel, Seattle, Washington
Agenda                                        Session Materials

2018 NTI: October 22 – 25, 2018
Savannah Marriott Riverfront Hotel, Savannah, Georgia
Agenda                                        Session Materials

2017 NTI: October 14 – 17, 2017
Doubletree Hilton Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina
Agenda                                        Session Materials


NASDAE Webinar to Introduce the Adult Education Fact Sheets: February 14, 2022

Webinar Recording

Adult Education and State Longitudinal Data Systems: December 02, 2021

Webinar Recording

2022 National Training Institute

10-20-2022 Thursday Sessions

Session 1           National Adult Education Performance Data – What WIOA Year Five Data Reveals

Presented by OCTAE – Grace Solares and Jay LeMaster

Session 2           Adult Education’s Journey to Enrollment: Themes and Strategic Considerations

Presented by AIR – Larry Condelli and GeMar Neloms; GA – Rosaline Tio

COABE Connects

Presented by COABE – Sharon Bonney, Jody Angelone and Regina Suitt

10-21-2022 Friday Sessions

Session 3           American Community Survey Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) and Microdata Access Tool

Presented by U.S. Census Bureau – Tim Sarko

Session 4           New Discovery of PIAAC and How to Utilize It to Benefit Your Work

Presented by PIAAC – Dr. Holly Xie and Emily Pawlowski

Capitol Hill Partners – Washington Update

Presented by Capitol Hill Partners – Gerri Fiala

Session 5           Discovery through Data Diving into LMI – Ohio

Presented by Stephanie Schab

Discovery through Data Diving into LMI – Indiana

Presented by Robert Moore

Discovery through Data Diving into LMI – Maine

Presented by Hunter Morency

Labor Market Information (LMI) Panel – Moderated by NASDAE – Gail Sense

Session 6           Discover through Data Diving into the LINCS Learner Center Analytics

Presented by AIR – Dr. Cherise Moore and Dr. Edith R. Westfall

10-21-2022 NASDAE Board Meeting

Agenda 2022 Annual Business Meeting
NASDAE Board Minutes November 4, 2021
NASDAE Board Final Budget Report 2021-22
NASDAE Board Final Dues Report 2021-22
NASDAE Budget 7-1-22 through 6-30-23
NASDAE Board LEAD States

2021 National Training Institute

2020 National Training Institute

Information about the 2020 NTI (including registration) can be found here: https://cvent.me/2P2vyq

View the Short Agenda here: 2020-NTI-Short-Agenda with Links to Recorded Presentations

You can view recordings of the sessions as listed to the right →

10/19/20 AM Session – https://youtu.be/BZuBxTgMKng
10/19/20 PM Session – https://youtu.be/vDbsoQAKRJQ 

10/20/20 AM Session – https://youtu.be/c5dAP46306k
10/20/20 PM Session – https://youtu.be/WrM3Qpw8CZ0

10/22/20 AM Session – https://youtu.be/TTZ07fWFjCU
10/22/20 PM Session – https://youtu.be/3HSIM5ejF0w

10/23/20 PM Session – https://youtu.be/NoLCNjs4nfU

10/27/20 AM Session – https://youtu.be/IAm3ILfNOUs
10/27/20 PM Session – https://youtu.be/jL51SG4Fplc

10/29/20 AM Session – https://youtu.be/wVRSRi8ZX6s
10/29/20 PM Session – https://youtu.be/aPpp6KvnV0s

2019 National Training Institute

2018 National Training Institute